Oct, 2013

"No physicist thinks with formulas." Albert Einstein

At last, we've finished to clean and to prepare the workshop and we're ready to connect the computers, the kinect sensor between sculptures, paintings, videos, sounds and engravings. That's magical to see around all the gigantic machines I used to transform the metal. During 3 days, the artist and mathematician Nexx Oko and I are presenting the project Digital quanta to a wide audience. This experiment is an intent to question traditional spatial barriers and visions of the physical world. It explores the concept of mirror stage objectification resulting in a conflict between one’s perceived visual and emotional experience. The installation surrounded by sculptures and paintings has been developped with the programming langage Processing and the API in order to create synaesthetic experiences of sounds and visuals generated from a body’s movement. Using a kinect sensor, the digital projection of the human body responds to a new set of virtual physical laws in order to create attempts at consolidation or disintegration from the audience. This project is done in cooperation with the city of Montreuil, a municipality on the outskirts of Paris. We ultimately aim to create meaningful contacts with its inhabitants and give an opportunity to share a digital interactive experience.