The Portrait

Feb, 2017

"Ce mur d'où se détache chaque nuit ton portrait
S'écroule dans la mer que tu aimais
Les veines s'éteignent dans ta nuque
Soumise à mon regard
Le polichinelle de verre qui s'appelle l'air
Danse légèrement"

André Breton, René Char, Paul Éluard / Le partage / Ralentir travaux (1930)

Initiated in 2016 with the photographer Didier Goupy, the ongoing project "Portraits" has generated plenty of interest from ACTE institute members with eighty photo shootings done, around 8000 portraits produced and more than 3500 portraits selected and sent to the models. Here is ma contribution to this project (photography, video, website) which is going on with hundreds other CNRS researchers and people form the world of science being photographed by Didier Goupy. Ultimately it will lead to a digital installation and a publication revisiting the question of portrait today.