Multisessions multimedia & interactive

Apr, 2010

Multisessions is a singular group of artists from various origins and complementary techniques : Anton Mobin, Brilliantbeast, Colin Johnco, Dilara, Error, G4Z, JKP, Lyriane, Informe, Planetadol, Spin0, Thomas Thierry, Triboulet, Ursula ...

The sessions presents free improvisation, experimental music, vjing and livestreaming social events. We participate in events and festivals @ Pas Sage en Seine, La Gare XP, Mains d'Œuvres... As a Veejay, I participate in the multisessions through video improvisation using digital technology and softwares (Resolume, Module8, Puredata, Processing). I am in charge with JKP to release the livestream concerts on the web (webradios KKWNE, videoplatforms) using some tools developed by the startup Ubicast. At the Cantine coworking space dedicated to innovation, we hijacked the webscasting tool to broadcast the performance to the online community during the Remix event. It engaged the audience in a compelling way using the chat app and the forum to involve the users in the improvisation process. Here is just an insight of one performance from the Multisessions group.

"The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art."