Innovatives SHS, Museum of Science and Industry - Paris

June, 2015

Innovative SHS is a very good place to discuss how Social and Human Sciences can be at the source of innovation. Organized by the CNRS (INSHS), this new edition presented around 70 innovative projects in various fields such as philosophy, education, art, health, territories, liguistics...

Throughout the exhibition, teams have made some demonstrations of their results, products and softwares. Many animations have also been organized to promote sharing between scientists, engineers, business partners and visitors.

Among the dozens of great initiatives, I would like to introduce a few projects that are in line with their innovative approches Expeditions, Body monitor and Cigale.

Expeditions is an european experiment at the crossroads of art, social science research and popular education. It brings together a team of artists, social scientists, educators and children. Through three immersion residences, a book, a documentary film and a multidisciplinary international seminar, this crossmedia project is an attempt to transform the way we look at popular districts and stigmatized territories. To know more about this initiative, you could visit their website

Bodymonitor initiated by Georgios Papastefanou from Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Germany is singular project at the junction of sociology, psychology and technology that deals with quality of life and selfconciousness. Wearable Technology solutions are provided by a sensor wristband and a slim sensor patch to be attached to the back of any smartphone. Using this device, the Bodymonitor offers a system to identify and cope with emotional reactions like stress, relaxation, interest in real-time by capturing and analyzing changes in peripheral body functions. Read more here

"The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art."

CIGALE is multidisciplinary research project, a scientific and artistic study of gestural movement. Structured around a creative platform gestures and interaction, CIGALE allows the study of movement and the emergence of new gestures for creation.