Collaborative ethnography research projet & The indigenous people at COP21

Feb, 2016

The indigenous people are very concerned regarding the impact of climate change on the environment and often are the first victims of environmental pollution and disasters.

Just before COP21 started, the leaders from Asia, Africa, Arctic, Latin and North America, he Pacific have met at Unesco and at the National Museum for Natural History. They have discussed their positions, their demands and solutions.

In the next video David Dumoulin, researcher at the Centre for Research and Documentation on the Americas (CREDA), a research unit of the French National Centre for Scientific Research and the University Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle talks about how indigeneous people take steps to have a voice in the negociations process and try to make sure their rights and their traditional culture are fully recognized by decision-makers.

He presents the collaborative ethnography research team Climacop that intend to developed a unique analytical framework of climate governance and analyse their object of study by mapping out the different social spaces of the COP21. Read more here